Friday, 4 August 2017

How GST Influence Builders in Kerala ?

Real estate is considered as one of the vital sectors affected by one of the major significant changes initiated recently by Government of India - Goods and Service Tax Bill. Abbreviated as GST, it is scheduled to get effect from July 1 this year and the scheme is said to transform the way taxes are handled in every aspect.

As tax is a vital thing included in every transaction of finances, real estate is definitely going to get impacted on rise of GST. Notably, this sector is one of the worst in terms of illegal happenings and with its implementation, unauthorized moves by anyone will be trapped, followed by serious punishable actions to be imposed on the culprit. 

Introduction to Goods & Service Tax

Goods and Service Tax can be defined as an indirect tax applicable on production, sales, utilisation of all goods and services, aimed at merging many tax forms introduced by other governments such as VAT, CST, Service Tax, Purchase tax etc, forming a single tax reform nationally. It simplifies double taxation and follows a single taxation process throughout the country for easy administration purpose.

How GST Affects Best Properties in Kerala ?

Eventhough, all the terms and conditions of GST related to real estate are unknown, developers in Trichur can hope for benefits to a limit. It is to be noted that every schemes won't knock open the positive side, but can also have some negative impacts too, personally. Here we are going to discuss about the effect on the sector due to this big national move.

  • Best properties in Kerala will have a good time after GST comes to a full effect. They only have to give less amount of tax on a property trade, as multiple layer of taxes are merged into a single taxation process, resulting in reduced amount of charge. Real estators get a 10% less tax rate on the item after implementation of the scheme. Also, time and money on construction process will drop.
  • Full Input Tax Credit (ITC) to be initiated by the GST council has proved to be beneficial for the builders because they can claim the credit on taxes for items which are already purchased. Prior to implementation of GST, developers had no rights to request for money under any circumstances. Now, buyers too can grasp a small comfort from this move by passing this rule to the customers as well.

  • There are more positive sides for this scheme. People who are specialised in real estate industry can see an increased flow of finances to and from their hands. Demand for cash may also boost up, resulting in hike in sales followed by enhancing the scope of the field.

  • Till now, real estate industry has been crowded with numerous tax forms, with all taxes nearing to an approximate amount equivalent to one third of the property value. This urged many developers to go for corrupt practices, which can be totally ceased with GST coming into the play. It ensures a constant and white money to flow throughout the country.

  • Moreover, goods and service tax can lead to a better economy to live in. With increased flow of white money throughout the nation, thereby increases a chance for many poor societies to come up in every field, avoiding unauthorized incoming of money to the wrong hands. It enables builders to maintain their growth in a steady state without fear of fall in the middle.

How GST Affects Property Buyers ?

Those who are struggling under ongoing projects have a happy news to hear. They only have to pay approximately 12 % tax for the property instead of 25% in the current double taxation process, making the execution of several plans much easier and significantly saves a lot of time.

Eventhough, financial components like VAT, Service Tax etc, varies from state to state, customers can now buy a flat in Thrissur for just 12% tax and central tax rate is levied at 15%. Consumers can also ensure that they get complete answer for any type of query put forward on the dealer, avoiding them to fall in fraudulent activities.


Both RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Act) and GST (Goods and Service Tax) are merging together to bring a new set of rules to the real estate industry, which can aid in leading to a more transparent and continually growing nation to come up in the future. It can be concluded that GST will be beneficial for buyers, investors and developers to receive a profit earning method for all the members included in the project,  through the implementation of this scheme.  

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Thrissur Pooram 2017 - Haritha Homes | Flat For Sale in Thrissur

Thrissur Pooram is known as Pooram of all poorams is one of the most eye striking festival in the world. The famed Vadakkunnathan temple has itself come under one of the world's heritage site last year. The festival is marked on May 5th in 2017. The celebration commences as the Pooram star awakes in the night sky.

Deities from 8 temples constitutes the Cherapuram,  namely Kanimangalam, Karamukku, Choorakkattukara, Laloor, Ayyanthole, Neithilakkavu Chembukkavu and Panamukkampilly are invited to the cultural city to pay tribute to the presiding god - Vadakkunnathan or lord Shiva during the month of Medam according to Malayalam calendar. 

Thousands of people reach the premises on account of this festival from all over the world to witness its magnificence. The Pooram is conducted by two group of temples - Thiruvambady and Paramekkavu. The celebration among the two teams are conducted in a competitive manner, however there is no prize for the winner. 

Events during the Occasion 

One of the change that can be seen in 2017 Pooram is the launch of fibre panthal at Naduvilal. There are lot of events held during the day of Pooram, some of them includes Madathil Varavu, Elanjithara Melam, Kudamattam and at last the Vedikettu. Let us explore each one by one.

Madathil Varavu:

Madathil Varavu or the entry of Thiruvambadi team to the Vadakkunnathan temple, along with their 15 elephants decorated in golden head pad. The main jumbo in the group will carry an idol of lord Sri Krishna accompanied by a paapan (a person who controls and care a domesticated elephant) and other members. 

Elanjithara Melam:

 A procession held by Paramekkavu team of members, where they would be carrying the statue of the Bhagavati from the temple and heading towards the Elanji tree inside the premises of Vadakkunnathan temple. The group will be having a set of instruments with which they create a sweet resonance for the viewers to enjoy. 


Temple representatives usually take part in this event. Umbrella crafter with bright colours are exchanged and kept for display sitting on the top of the elephant. This is a spectacular view for the people during the late evening when the heat of the sun has settled down. Both Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi team will be participating in the competition.


Vedikettu or the fireworks is the most highlighting item in Thrissur pooram. Eventhough it is risky, temple authorities take utmost care in organising the event by getting approval from the concerned authorities. You may also view the sample vedikettu on May 3rd 2017, late in the evening. However the real explosive displays starts early in the morning around 3 am and lasts for almost 3 hours. 

Watching the fireworks by the two teams is a view no one can forget. So a perfect spot will be booked well  in advance by the people. The whole city will be crowded with population. Haritha Homes is residential apartment in Trichur with ready positioned flats to get the best snaps of Vedikettu from all angles.

A Guide for Tourists: 

 People worldwide visits the city during this festive season to grab one of the most breathtaking event which they would never see anywhere. A short guide for these spectators will reduce their complications in reaching the city. All modes of transportation are available to Thrissur from various parts of Kerala namely: 

1. By Air:  

Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) is the nearest one  where both domestic and international terminals are open for the public. Nedumbassery is the exact spot name which is 60 kms north of Thrissur. Next closest is the Calicut International Airport located at Karipur in Malappuram district, about 100 kms from the cultural capital. 

2. By Rail:  

Thrissur is one of the most busiest railway station in the southern railways. Numerous of the population will depend on railways for travel as it is cheaper and easier. The terminal is situated at about 1.5 kms from Vadakkunnathan temple. Frequent trains connect to all the major cities in Kerala like Ernakulam, Trivandrum and Calicut.

3. By Road:  

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) hub is situated at about 100 metres from railway station and 1 km from Vadakkumnathan temple. Here too, continuous bus services are available along NH47 (Salem - Ernakulam). Main private bus station is Sakthan stand located to the south west of Thrissur city. It connects to major cities like Ernakulam, Trivandrum, Kozhikode, Palakkad and Chennai.





Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Making Use Of The Residential Gym

Availing gym facilities in a gated /apartment community can be an incredibly sweet amenity. Such properties have high demand because of the convenience of having a free gym just outside your home. You can save up on those pricey membership fees in a regular gym, and can work out any time of the day at the time of your convenience. 

With a gym within arm’s reach, you can no longer kid yourself with excuses like – “I can’t drive to the gym in this rush hour” or “There is no privacy in the nearest gym”. The residential gym gives you full freedom and privacy to work out at your own pace, in familiar, relaxed settings.

Here are some reasons why you need to hit the gym inside your residential community

  • Anytime access: With erratic work demands and changing schedules, it is impossible to stick to regular work-out timings each and every day. But with a gym just a few blocks away from home, you can work out whenever time allows you to, making for a flexible exercise regime.
  • Training with focus: Everyone has exercise goals to tick off their list, but this is tougher in a regular gym which caters to so many people at a time. In your community gym, you may choose timings when very few people use the gym, and use the silence and serenity in those timings to stay focused on your fitness goals.
  • Scope for making changes: The gym of your community comes under your shared ownership. Even if you are a renter, the cost of the gym is incorporated into your rent. If you feel there is scope for modifications or there are ways to better your workout experience, you can always give suggestions to management.

Gym Etiquette

  • Bring towels to clean up sweat on machines and benches after you have finished using them.
  • Refrain from talking on the phone. It might disturb other gym users.
  • Use your best judgment while using equipment; do not use the same equipment for too long as others might be waiting for their turn.
  • Place weights back on the rack after use
Having a free gym right next door is surely an invaluable asset. With modern stressful times taking a huge toll on our health and fitness, regular cardio and strength-training at least twice a week is a must for maintaining a healthy body and a sound mind.

Luckily at Haritha Homes - Flats in Kerala one of the many luxury amenities offered is an ultra-modern, state-of-the-art gym facility that residents can enjoy for no additional cost. Say goodbye to the days of taking membership in a regular gym and travelling daily for your workout sessions, and find pleasure in walking out of your homes right into our fitness center at your convenient time. Make the best use of this priceless amenity to get back into your gym routine and build a stronger, happier you.